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There is no compromise on quality!

We are highly experienced at building in remote, difficult construction venues and have an extremely competent traveling team.
Our in-house team (currently approximately 60 people) consists of skilled brick layers, plumbers, tillers, welders and carpenters.
Through our established network of professionals we have the ability to offer our clients the best service providers for survey and engineering in the region. 3 complimentary divisions


Building Contractors

We offer a full range of building and renovation services tailored to client need and material preferences.
Fabricating and supplying most of our own raw materials enables us to offer fast project completion at highly competitive prices

House of Rock

Pre-cast, low cost, modular building specialists

Cost effective and extremely flexible, our patented pre-cast system is ideal for quick site establishment without expensive transportation costs for bulk materials.

PS Woodworks

Superb carpentry for custom, office and home furnishings

We offer custom made Wendy Houses, Timber Homes and joinery services as well as an outstanding range of beautiful home and  office furniture in a wide variety of finishes.

Our young, efficient and energetic team easily adapt to a wide variety of working environments while providing outstanding customer service.
We have the capacity and trained staff to take on large projects while still making ourselves available and providing
excellent service to our smaller contracts.

Building Africa with Excellence

Thor (Pty) Ltd was registered in 2007 (Co Reg No 861 of 2007) and is based at Nsoko in the Lubombo region of Swaziland.
We offer outstandingly high quality Building Construction Services as well as Renovation and Addition Services to clients in South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique.